The C Grade

It is report time in Australia right now and tens of thousands of parents are either reading, or about to read about their child’s academic progress over the last two terms.  All schools in Australia are required to grade children’s academic results on a 5 point scale.  In many schools this is represented through A… Continue reading The C Grade


The Value of a Quality Program

Photo by Oleg Magni on Pexels.comImagine going to the hardware store knowing you need to fix the mould in your bathroom. You look for ‘mould products’ and discover a wonderful looking bottle of mould killer that promises to eradicate all of your bathroom problems. You take it home, spray your bathroom liberally and regularly and… Continue reading The Value of a Quality Program

Using Decodable Texts to Meet Student Needs

One size does not fit all An interesting question came my way on Twitter today regarding instructional approaches and reading strategies for early readers. As I started to formulate my response I realized that it required more than a tweet to fully flesh out. Firstly, the simple answer to the above question is a resounding… Continue reading Using Decodable Texts to Meet Student Needs